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Ilegal Anejo

Ilegal Anejo

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Ilegal Anejo

Ilegal Anejo is a gorgeous spirit rivaling the worlds finest scotches and cognacs. Rounded. Full. Rich. Yet untamed. Age: Aged thirteen months in new American oak barrels. Notes: Maple, clove, and bitter orange aromas. Dark chocolate and sweet agave on the palate. Ilegal is beautifully balanced mezcal with a notorious history that includes smuggling and weeklong parties in Cafe No Se, a clandestine bar and music hub. Handcrafted in small batches by fourth-generation mezcaleros, our Joven, Reposado, and Anejo mezcals are all made with perfectly ripe, sustainable Espadin agave, double distilled in the Santiago Matatlan Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico. Commitment to quality is apparent in every step of our process, from harvest to first sip.


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